Monday, October 08, 2007

Willful & Lackadaisical

If one is "obstinately bent on having one's own way" when one is merely willful (that is, when one is full of one's own will), then should we be empty of will and passive and lackadaisical?

Perhaps we should instead be full of another's will; perhaps not just any other, but God in particular. "Obstinately bent on having one's own way" is the sin we see in ourselves and each other even from birth!

The alternative is not boring or defeated. As ever, the spectrum is perpendicular to what we may imagine. At one end are both willfulness and lackadaisicalness, which equally bear focus on man, while at the other is obedience to God. That is, being filled with God's will. This cannot produce boredom or disillusionment. Neither does it produce a hard heart. The true alternative to willfulness and lackadaisicalness liberates us from boredom and callousness.

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