Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who's the Angry Mob Again?

Communist media continues to besmirch Tea Parties and others as being opposed to health care reform, which is a flat out lie. Their opposition is to a government health care take-over -- obviously an entirely different issue. In addition, communist media continues to report the "anger" and violence of all who oppose the tyranny the media loves.

But technology is a beautiful thing, and the evidence is in. My favorite is the anti-capitalist t-shirt with a $15 price tag.

Searchlight vs. L.A.: Rival Rallies Reveal Stark Right/Left Divide

Monday, March 29, 2010

Bravo, Maria… An Open Letter to Sean Penn « Frugal Café Blog Zone

Maria Conchita Alonzo, American actress, Cuban born, raised in Venezuela, informs tyrant-lover & "actor" Sean Penn in extensive detail about the realities in Venezuela under dictator Hugo Chavez and asks that he reconsider his support for the communist dictator. Penn has gotten off without substantive rebuke for so long, it is truly a beautiful thing to see him get thumped with the cold, hard facts.

Bravo, Maria… An Open Letter to Sean Penn « Frugal Café Blog Zone

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Friday, March 26, 2010

Judge a Tree by Its Fruit

Fascist Tyrants (colloquially referred to as "Democrats") continue, in perfect Fascist, Alinsky fashion, to falsely accuse their opponents of the crimes for which they, themselves are guilty. No longer is this vile deception the danger it once was. Due to the availability of technology, which availability is the result of liberty and capitalism, we have evidence that such accusations are demonstrably false. For example, during the savage Tea Parties of August '08 exceeding 400 in number, there were a grand total of 10 violent incidents of various levels of severity. Of those 10, 7 were perpetrated by Obama supporters. That leaves 3 incidents from over 400 events. On the other hand, follow the link below to see there has been a plethora of violence and threats against Tea Party participants and other Patriots.

Yea right. It's the Tea Parties that are a grave threat to law and order, but the Fascists, who, by the way, more and more resemble the terrorists they are often so eager to defend, are peaceful and patriotic. The magnitude of the hypocrisy is stunning and grotesque. The exposure of the tyrannical hypocrisy is serenely beautiful.

John Marshall-Beyond Absurd

Hat Tip:The incredible hypocrisy of the "inciting violence" crowd ~Brutally Honest

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Politics of Violence

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer is warning that some of his Democratic colleagues are being threatened with violence when they go back to their districts — and he wants Republicans to stand up and condemn the threats.
Sten Hoyer: Members are at Risk

As Michele Malkin rightly points out,
    The fact that plenty of Republicans get threats every day and nobody says a thing notwithstanding, taking Hoyer’s words at face value, as a conservative Republican, I condemn real threats of violence almost as much as I condemn desperate claims that are manufactured in a cheap attempts to further broken agendas.

No one has been arrested or even identified for having threatened anyone. One can only speculate about who is guilty. It must not be overlooked that some are all of these incidents may have been staged by communist Democrats in order to generate sympathy. Democrat Hoyer is merely playing a petty political trick. By calling for only Republicans to condemn threats, he implies that only Republicans can have some influence over the perpetrators of these alleged threats. He is doing nothing more or less than asking Republicans to take ownership of the threats. His pretense of concern is disingenuous and flat out dishonest. Instead of responding to his call, I respond to Ms. Malkin's call to condemnation.
    That said, I’d like Rep. Hoyer and people of all political stripes to condemn the assumption that any physical threats of retribution over the health care bill are coming from Republicans.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

And Racist, Too!

Just when you thought the fascistic health care take-over couldn't be any worse... perhaps for the sake of tyrannical purity, it's racist too!
    Under the Democrats' health care bill, if a medical school wants to increase its chances of receiving many different kinds of grants and contracts from the federal government, it should have a demonstrated record of training individuals who are from underrepresented minority groups. This is because the Democrats' health care bill requires the Secretary of Health and Human Services to give preference to the entities that have demonstrated such a record in the awarding of these contracts to medical schools and other institutions.

American Thinker: Racial Preferences in the Democrats' Health Care Bill

Audio: Rep. John Dingell on How Long it Took “To Control the People” | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

Audio: Rep. John Dingell on How Long it Took “To Control the People” | The Foundry: Conservative Policy News.

The Czar of Czars

Monday, March 22, 2010

Reagan Speaks Out Against Socialized Medicine

    "And behind it will come other federal programs that will invade every area of freedom as we have known it in this country until on day ... we will awake to find that we have socialism. ... One of these days, you and I are going to spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it once was like in America when men were free."

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Healthcare Reform Really Is This Simple

Career politicians have no interest in reform or simplicity, and they certainly have no interest in less federal government power as prescribed by the U.S. constitution. Therefore, we are not likely to see workable solutions like these from D.C.
    We can't have a free market in health insurance until Congress eliminates the antitrust exemption protecting health insurance companies from competition. If Democrats really wanted to punish insurance companies, which they manifestly do not, they'd make insurers compete.
    Instead of insurance companies jumping to the tune of politicians bought by health-care lobbyists, they would jump to tune of hundreds of millions of Americans buying health insurance on the free market.
My Healthcare Plan ~Ann Coulter

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The Agenda was Never to Save the Planet

George Soros and Barack Obama conspire (that's right, I said it) with lobbyists for greedy industries to continue to cripple the U.S. economy.
    The emails show that the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) coordinated their response to a damning Spanish report on “green jobs” with wind industry lobbyists and the Center for American Progress (the progressive think tank founded by John Podesta and funded by George Soros).

    The report from Spain’s Universidad Rey Juan Carlos — which was the subject of a George Will column in the Washington Post on June 25, 2009 — showed each “green job” that had been added by Spain’s aggressive wind energy program cost Spain nearly $800,000 and resulted in the loss of 2.2 jobs elsewhere in the economy.

    Eight times, Obama had publicly referred to Spain’s program as being a model for a U.S. wind energy program.

    The 900 pages of emails, obtained by the Competitive Enterprise Institute’s Christopher C. Horner, show staff members from the DoE’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and the EPA developing a response to the report. They also show them coordinating the response with the Center for American Progress, plus the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) and the Global Wind Energy Council (GWEC) — two wind industry lobbyist groups.

    What the emails show runs contrary to statements made to Congress by the Assistant Secretary of Energy Cathy Zoi — the Obama administration response to the Spanish report was in fact instigated at the request of the AWEA. It was then written with the close cooperation of the AWEA, the Center for American Progress, and the Union of Concerned Scientists.

    The emails concentrate on the political implications of the Spanish study — and how to discredit it.

    There also appears to have been significant pressure to publish an internal report from the NREL as a DoE report — bypassing the internal review and publication procedures — and to do so quickly.

    The emails suggest that wind industry lobbyists and political organizations have significant behind-the-scenes influence on scientific reports from the Obama administration. This contradicts Obama’s insistence that his administration would get the politics out of science. It also calls into question the objectivity and quality of the information they provided to Congress.
BREAKING: Released Emails Show Wind Lobby, Soros Group Helped with White House PR (PJM Exclusive — Read the Emails Here)

UPDATE: More details as the content of the emails is digested.

    The emails fall into three categories, each raising interesting questions:

    1. Emails discussing how to spin the Spanish report: how to respond to this challenge to one of the Obama administration’s cherished programs?

    2. Emails telling of pressure being put on DoE staffers by Cathy Zoi.

    3. Emails describing the DoE’s relationship with Big Wind, the Soros-funded CAP, and the leftist UCS.

    You might expect this to be a story of great interest to the mainstream media.

    But I have excellent information pointing to at least one national newspaper being given these same emails by DoE, upon request, only to have its editors spike the story. In addition to being a case-study in Obama-style governance, this incident reaffirms the role and the importance of new media (such as PJM).
Examining the GreenJobsGate Emails: Obama Administration Takes Direction from Wind Lobby, Soros Group