Saturday, December 15, 2007


What have Frosty the Snowman and toys to do with Christ's festival?

Growing up, Christmas was all about the toys I anticipated receiving. Later, it became more and more about gifts I would give to others. This seems so much more honorable, mature, and generous. But, I gave for my own glory and satisfaction, not for that of others. To my shame, I gave certainly not for the glory of God. What a shame indeed that a festival of The Almighty God's ultimate grace to us -even us- has been twisted and soiled until it is now, even for Christians, a selfish frenzy of worship for a false god, material wealth.

As a child, I was mystified by the elderly who often said when asked that they didn't want anything for Christmas. I have finally come to relate to boredom with the world and all the gifts it offers.

If only Christmas can be a Festival of Christ, then where can boredom live? And what becomes of the body of Christ when it worships in Spirit and Truth?

But how do we do such a thing? Not only so but how to we transition to it, whatever it turns out to be, from the materialist, idolatrous worship of this world that we do now?

Last year, I gave to some a set of CD's describing the scientific evidence debunking the myth of biological evolution. I consider this insufficient, but at least better than what I have always done. This year, I intended to give a gift, the proceeds of which would support adoption of orphans through a Christian organization. Unfortunately, the website for such purchases (the only method available, as far as I know) is down for maintenance. But this is much better, I think. Still, the mere giving of a gift can hardly be called a celebration or festival.

Even now, we have a Christmas Eve service at church. But this does not inhibit or replace our year long idolatry as we prepare for the annual worship of the money, celebrated by giving all that it can buy to those who will also give to us.

I seek to replace what we have been doing, but perhaps I cannot learn what I should be doing instead until I fully and sincerely repent. Otherwise, I might endeavor to serve two masters. Our gracious Lord deserves better.

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