Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evan Sayet Hits Another Home Run

In his second speech at the Heritage Foundation on March 3, 2009, Evan Sayet insightfully explains why "Liberals" must support that which is wrong and evil over that which is right and good. Evan brilliantly details, with examples, why the Liberal claim to neutrality is actually evil and demonstrates their insidious hypocrisy.

However, Mr. Sayet never explains the motivation for the support of "diversity" , "multiculturalism", or relativism. Understanding such behavior would certainly be worthwhile. I propose that many relativists (who think of themselves as noble multiculturalists) simply believe what they have been taught and have a desire to be fair to everyone. I think of them as "Relativists by Default" because they know of no other perspective.

This, by the way, is the primary reason Liberals are very illiberal regarding the issue of school vouchers. At private schools, children will learn other perspectives that stand up to debate. And, as discussed in the video, the impossibility of a multiculturalist worldview to stand against reasoned thought is the motivation behind the Liberal move to reinstate the so-called Fairness Doctrine, which would essentially silence talk radio. Liberal talk radio shows fail because Liberal positions cannot withstand debate.

However, as I ponder Evan's observations and conclusions, I see that some Liberals are compelled to "level the playing field" regarding all issues of apparent disparity. I refer to these as Committed Relativists, and I believe these folks have something to hide. Perhaps one has embraced an obviously sinful lifestyle and strives to justify it by denying that anything is sinful. Perhaps another simply hates God. If anything can be said to be objectively good or evil, then there must be a higher authority to make such determinations. There must be a God. To deny the Truth of His existence, one must deny that anything is good, and by extention that anything is evil.

Evan's conclusions seem eerily conspiratorial. By habit, I am reluctant to accept such things. But we know Satan is at work behind many of the evils in the world. So, it should come as no surprise at all that human beings serve him, knowingly or not, in a similar manner.

Here's a nice article Evan wrote called "Bruce Springsteen: One-Hundred Percent Republican"

Evan's blog is called Sayet Right. Beware. Many of the comments are brutal.

Evan's first speech at the Heritage Foundation was on March 5, 2007. It's also brilliant. See it here.

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