Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pandora's Music Box

I discovered a website called Pandora. They call it "A new kind of radio - stations that play only music you like". You name an artist or song you like, and then you can listen to a "station" consisting of songs determined to be similar. This determination is produced by a database called the Music Genome Project wherein each song is assigned various and sundry characteristics. No genre is excluded and no songs are too old. Having built several stations, I have to say it is very impressive. I'm able to listen to songs I know I like as well as discover some real gems. You can create multiple stations, customize your stations, research music, share what you find, and use other features I have not yet apprehended. I'ts an absolute blast and I highly recommend it.

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Anonymous said...

I discovered Pandora about 6 months ago and love it as well. In fact I use to log in at the beginning of a day in the O.R. It became so popular that more and more O.R. rooms were using it. Then one day we were told we had to stop because it was "slowing down the server". That's O.K. because we found a way around it. Several people I work with have i-phones. You can now get Pandora on them. So we just plug the i phone into the sound system and have great music all day!
Thanks for sharing.
By the way, haven't seen you in a while. Would love to hang out some time.