Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What's Good for the Goose...

Praise the Lord! George Tiller, the baby killer is dead! Hallelujah! The vicious butcher is dead. The mass murder/serial killer, George Tiller, established a reputation for performing late term 'abortions' and for brutally murdering the babies of 10-14 year old rape victims without reporting the crime, which allowed the rapists to continue their assaults unimpeded. I've read that he was responsible for the deaths of over 60,000 infants.

In spite of these facts, some Christians have argued that he should not have been murdered as he was. Such a solution may be less than ideal, but it is undeniably a solution. Concerns about the potential negative impact of Tiller's murder on the public debate of the daily slaughter of thousands of babies is nothing short of craven cowardice. This is no time for mourning, but for jubilation! Any claim that the murder of a mass murderer is somehow unjust is the epitome of hypocrisy. Tiller finally had done to him what he had for so long done to so many others. Our government is supposed to protect us from horrors like George Tiller. Infanticide has not ended, but Tiller's reign of terror is at an end. Thank God!


Mark said...

A friend emailed in response to this post:

I read your blog this morning about the abortion doctor that got shot. I have to admit, my first reaction was that i disagreed with the killing, mainly on the idea of two wrongs do not a right. but i have to admit that now i dont know what to honestly think.

I looked up the man who was killed, George tiller, and the articile i read said that he was one of a few doctors who would do a late term abortion, which basically means he would kill an unborn child at 21 weeks old. I started to think about the fact that there are 4 weeks in a month so that mean the baby is 5 months old in the mothers womb. I went to a website to check and see how developed a child is at that point.

I am paraphasing but basically it said that at this point ( now this website is one that tell mothers what to expect at each week of pregnancy) the mother should be able to feel the baby kicking. they also said it is at this point that they develop their eye lids. I got to see an illustration of what the baby should look like and by 21 weeks the baby is fully formed. i mean the baby has arms and legs, hands with finger and feet with toes. by this point of the pregnancy the baby is actually kicking.

when i read this, and put this fact with the fact that this guy actually would do an abortion at this point. I now see why you took such a strong stance in your blog. This man was a murderer. I would love to hear some pro-choice dingdong tell me how this is not murder. I mean, we would arrest and put a mother on trail if she beats or kills her baby, but as long as she has it done before the baby is actually birthed, well then that is just legal. Well i say B.S. but back to tiller, i still dont know how i feel about him being murdered, i mean is that the route we should take. I dont know, i would like to get some further thougths of yours on this topic. so talk with you later.

Mark said...

Since Tiller's death, I've read a few articles written by Christian columnists.

I found a couple are worth sharing. The first refers to comments made by Dr. Alveda King, neice to the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Her perspective is thoughtful and intelligent. The Murder-Martyr Syndrome

Ann Coulter swerves into politics, but also cuts to the heart of the matter. 49 million to 5

Some columns merely argued that all murder is wrong, which is true. But one I read went so far as to argue, even in some detail, that killing in defense of the helpless was also wrong in the case of Tiller. That is absolute hogwash. It is identical to saying that assassinating Hitler to prevent the genocide of the Jews would have been wrong. Baloney!

Most of the articles made valid points regarding all aspects of the situation, but they seemed to me to be too concerned about the impact Tiller's murder would have on the debate. They feared he'd become a martyr. So, they took pains to almost apologize on behalf of the murderer (not Tiller, but the guy who aborted him). I find their worry disgusting for a couple of reasons.

First, such a concern demonstrates that these Christians are allowing the opponent to frame the debate. Mass murderers simply do not qualify as martyrs. In addition, Christians should not be distracted into a debate over 'abortion'. The real question is, "When is it okay to kill a baby?" That is the only debate that is worth having. It covers all of the side issues. Of course, abortion fanatics would never like to admit this is the only relevant question.

Second, as I said in my post, murder is not an ideal solution, but the fact remains that the world has been rescued from the continuation of Tiller's reign of terror. This is absolutely a good thing. The 'rule of law' has proven insufficient for 25 years and almost 50 million lives.

Finally (and most revealing), would there be any outrage over the assassination of Adolf Hitler? What about Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, the BTK killer? Of course not. Instead, there would be relief if not outright joy. So also, there should be relief and dancing in the streets at the death of George Tiller, the butcher of 60,000 babies.