Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Conspiracy but No Theory

Was Democrat's Health Care Strategy Written in Federal Prison? "Creamer’s broader aim, as laid out in his book, is the “democratization of wealth” in America and “progressive control of governments around the world.” As he recently wrote on his blog at the Huffington Post: “If we succeed in winning health insurance reform we will have breached the gates of the status quo. We will demonstrate that fundamental change is possible. Into that breach will flow a wave of progressive change.”"

The Blueprint Penned from the Pen: Manufacture a Crisis, Manufacture Rage "This is about money and this is about power." "The problem is: it's all a lie."

Obama's political strategy for the take-over of health care was conceived and written by a criminal, Robert Creamer, while in prison. The strategy includes the manufacture of an imaginary crisis, and has as its explicit purpose to eventually control the world. His book includes an endorsement from Obama's top political advisor, David Axelrod. Every single detail of Creamer's communist strategy has been followed by the Obama administration. Creamer was in jail because he had been convicted of bank fraud and tax evasion. So, naturally, he's a perfect fit for the Obama administration. He's now an Obama advisor and may be the only ex-convict to ever attend a Presidential State Dinner.

Obama has embraced a design for deception, fraud, intimidation, and even violence in order to establish a communist health care system in the U.S., the express purpose for which is to force all citizens (of the entire world, eventually) to be dependent on government health care.

We typically scoff at conspiracy theories. It may be unfortunate that we are so eager to do so because, in this case, while it sounds like some bizarre, comic book world-domination conspiracy, it is far beyond theory. These facts are known. I only pray that American's will learn the truth in spite of the media's brazen complicity.


Locutisprime said...

It is too late. America was too far down the rabbit hole and into the looking glass. We were easily deceived and now we will pay the price for having allowed the Marxist wolves inside the gates.

Good blog, good points. Sad and true.

XtnYoda said...

No doubt... this is the plan.

Long time ago I was very uneasy about the whole internet thing...

Now I'm thanking God for it as it is one bastion of freedom to get out information.

Thanks for being a part of the resistance.