Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Caliphate versus the Kingdom of God

World Net Daily: The Caliphate versus the Kingdom of God
    Today, throughout the Islamic world, there are thousands of Christian evangelists who are not only bold and fearless, but also well equipped to debate any Muslim takers. Many of these Christians are themselves former Muslims. In recent years, a Christian Arabic television show called "Truth Talk" has drawn millions of Muslim viewers to watch as host Zakariah Boutros deconstructs the case for Islam and shows the superiority of the case for Christianity. Muslims regularly call into the show to convert to Christianity live on the air. Throughout the Middle East, there is now a growing sense, among both the Christian and Muslims communities, that intellectually, morally and theologically, Islam is bankrupt. And as a result, Christian missionaries are seeing more Muslims convert to Christianity now than at any other time in history.

    The second relevant element to this equation is that despite the inability of democracy to fully counteract the vision of Islam, there is another ancient and vastly comprehensive vision that can and will defeat the Islamist vision of the Caliphate. It is called the Kingdom of God. Some call it "the Messianic age," others "the Millennium," but it is the central message declared by all of the prophets and apostles. In the New Testament, the message is called "the good news" or "gospel." In referring to the message that Jesus proclaimed, it is said that he preached the "good news of the kingdom of God."

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