Saturday, February 05, 2011

NPR & CBS Report Lies and Approve Slavery & Pedophilia

Planned Parenthood (formerly The Birth Control League) staff in several different infanticide facilities are caught on video attempting to help a pimp obtain abortions for pregnant children who have been enslaved for the sex trade. This makes them accessories to child sex trafficking. NPR, CBS, and others aired blatant lies in order to defend Planned Parenthood. It is crystal clear, while NPR and CBS are ostensibly news organizations, they have a deep, abiding, desperate love for abortion.

Planned Parenthood, Child-Trafficking, and the Poor Choices of NPR and Company
The first dishonest spin I could find came from Media Matters. They asserted that the video was a “hoax” and that Planned Parenthood had immediately contacted the FBI to report a potential human-trafficking ring. This assertion was patently false. The truth is that these videos had been made in numerous locations. In each setting, a senior Planned Parenthood staff member did everything they could to help the supposed perpetrator continue to profit from the raping of children. They even went as far as instructing the supposed perpetrator on the importance of making sure the little girls “kept their mouths shut,” lest a concerned employee would get nosy and report them.
To my astonishment, NPR had taken the same spin and framing as Media Matters.
At that point, I wasn’t at all surprised to see CBS adopting the Media Matters/NPR framing and doing the same cover-up for the ignorance and lack of humanity displayed by numerous senior staff members from Planned Parenthood. It seemed so simple to me. Come out, thank Lila Rose for identifying the issue and bringing it to light, announce a new effort to better train staff, and most import of all, use the entire matter finally give help to the advocates of human-trafficking victims who have fought for years to educate the public on what atrocities are occurring right beneath our privileged little noses. But no, the Left Media’s little darling could do no wrong.
what about us as a nation? Do our past “choices” keep us from being able to honestly look at what has just occurred? Are we allowing our various political orientations to blind our ability to recognize such a clear case of wrong?
The videos of Planned Parenthood managers and staff doing these horrible deeds are accurate, truthful, and should be seen by all. The Mainstream Media Establishment’s portrayal of the videos has entered the realm of utter deception and has participated in perpetuating a system where adults and children are victimized by the human-sex-trafficking industry.

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