Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Today's Tunes

For as long as I can remember, I have been a music lover. My third grade teacher told me I was the "singingest" kid she had ever met. This was my introduction to the notion that my singing might not be welcome to all who could hear. I have some regret that I have never pursued any musical endeavors. But I am ever the music fan, and it's never too late to pick up a guitar and starting beating on it!

Music can be a mysterious, I dare say, magical influence because of its ability to evoke emotion of all kinds. I find in it compassion for my trouble, encouragement for my dreams, and beautiful expression for my ideas and emotions.
As with all of God's good gifts, music can become an idol, and I know that it has been for me at times. But, surely there is an appropriate place in the life of a believer for this part of God's creation that is so well-suited for praising his glory.

I've always enjoyed sharing with others my experiences with music. I build playlists to accomodate a particular mood, though what I listen to changes daily. I don't want to limit my experience or yours by giving this list a label. So, here is what I will call my current playlist. I'll put some favorite CD's in the sidebar along with an ongoing playlist.

What's Up?4 Non Blondes
And Your Praise Goes OnChris Rice
What Have We BecomeDC Talk
Take it to the LimitThe Eagles
Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me YetJars of Clay
TrinityJennifer Knapp
Live in PeacePaul Rodgers
The Man You Want Me to BePhil Joel
Painting Pictures of EgyptSara Groves
SoulSatellite Soul
Hold on to JesusSteve Curtis Chapman
Alan Watts BluesVan Morrison

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