Saturday, February 09, 2008

Unlocking the Mystery of Life

I frequently enjoy watching movies. I enjoy interesting stories, fantastical visual effects, and vicariously participating in activities I may never have the opportunity (or the inclination) to experience.

As a result of my interest, I have come across a very few fiction movies worth sharing with others and a rapidly growing number of documentaries of quality.

I have just viewed Unlocking the Mystery of Life and I highly recommend it. I have too little patience for traditional reviews, but in order to encourage you to see it - no, to own it yourself - I will be brief.

In the same way that The Privileged Planet promotes Intelligent Design generally, rather than a particular God or religion, Unlocking the Mystery of Life lays out the overwhelming evidence without being critical of opponents.

Better yet, the issues at hand and the evidence are presented with refreshing objectivity, in 'plain language', with common sense reasoning, but without skimming over the details. As a result, the viewer is not only informed, but equipped to discuss the subjects addressed.

In addition, viewers are treated to some of the awe inspiring beauty of the world in which we live.

Buy this DVD. Watch it with your children, your friends, and your neighbors. Then talk it over!

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