Sunday, March 23, 2008

Can corporate marketing be a good thing?

I enjoy that Coke has embraced, at least for public relations purposes, an ethic that is contrary to some current cultural trends. I additionally enjoy the fact that, by creating a parody of a video game wherein the player's goal is to role-play a bad guy as bad as he can be, Coke has expressed their ethic by directly confronting another company that has embraced the opposite ethic.

But who wants to be a bad guy anyway? What is the mindset behind this desire? On the other side of the equation, what is the mindset to which Coke's commercial appeals? Are we, as a culture, reaching the saturation point for violence, promiscuity, and pride? Can we offer an alternative? In fact, do we not have with the Gospel the only solution?


Wesley Handyg said...

Great questions! I loved this commercial too. It is funny that coke is bold enough to contend that we should change society and that it has a product that could very well do it, even though the commercial is probably intended to be a satirical hyperbole. But you are right, brother. In the gospel, we have to solution! What should we do, then?

Wesley Handy said...


I got the book in today that I ordered for you.

Also, there is a movie coming out on April 18, documentary hosted by Ben Stein, (I'm sure you are already aware of this), called "Expelled".

Its about the anti-science persecution by the intellegentsia against scientists who favor Intellegent Design.

Should be interesting.