Friday, March 26, 2010

Judge a Tree by Its Fruit

Fascist Tyrants (colloquially referred to as "Democrats") continue, in perfect Fascist, Alinsky fashion, to falsely accuse their opponents of the crimes for which they, themselves are guilty. No longer is this vile deception the danger it once was. Due to the availability of technology, which availability is the result of liberty and capitalism, we have evidence that such accusations are demonstrably false. For example, during the savage Tea Parties of August '08 exceeding 400 in number, there were a grand total of 10 violent incidents of various levels of severity. Of those 10, 7 were perpetrated by Obama supporters. That leaves 3 incidents from over 400 events. On the other hand, follow the link below to see there has been a plethora of violence and threats against Tea Party participants and other Patriots.

Yea right. It's the Tea Parties that are a grave threat to law and order, but the Fascists, who, by the way, more and more resemble the terrorists they are often so eager to defend, are peaceful and patriotic. The magnitude of the hypocrisy is stunning and grotesque. The exposure of the tyrannical hypocrisy is serenely beautiful.

John Marshall-Beyond Absurd

Hat Tip:The incredible hypocrisy of the "inciting violence" crowd ~Brutally Honest

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