Friday, October 29, 2010

The Conspiracy to Shakedown Chevron

Outtakes from so-called documentary prove the movie maker a fraud, litigants conspirators, and Chevron innocent.

‘Crude’ Footage Reveals Lies Behind Trial Lawyers’ Suit Against Chevron
    The damning revelations are the result of Chevron’s successful legal efforts to gain access to outtakes from the movie, “Crude,” which the director, Joe Berlinger, claimed to be a fair and balanced effort to show both sides in the litigation over Texaco’s operations in Ecuador between 1964 and 1990. Chevron purchased Texaco in 2001. Berlinger claimed journalistic privilege and fought to keep control of the footage, but was ordered by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals on July 15 to turn over relevant material. The review by Chevron’s lawyers of the first batch of outtakes shows that not only that the legal case against Chevron is built on lies, but that Berlinger’s reputation as a serious, fair-minded documentarian is hollow.

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