Friday, October 08, 2010

Democrats Keep Trying to Corrupt Elections

Now that the Tea Party is revolting against the Republican establishment, Democrats find it isn't enough to have subverted and corrupted the Republican party establishment with the likes of John McCain, Arlen Specter, etc. They must now find ways to infiltrate the Tea Party as well.

Dems Admit Rep. John Adler Planted Fake Tea Party Candidate
    In May, Geoff Mackler, Adler’s Campaign Manager, along with Democratic consultant Steve Ayscue gave a presentation outlining the “DeStefano Plan” at the Camden County Democratic Committee headquarters:

      "The goal was to take 5 percent of (Republican Jon) Runyan’s vote," said a Democrat with direct knowledge of the Adler campaign and CCDC operations.

      "Steve Ayscue designed the plan with Geoff Mackler following his lead."

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