Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Child Protective Services is the New Gestapo

Blogger accused of child neglect and mental abuse
    When my child got home, I got a bigger shock! My child told me, child services had come to her school that day and interviewed her!
    My child said, these are the questions they asked " Does your mother have SOLAR PANELS? Where Exactly does your mother take you camping? Where exactly have you gone hiking? Do you hike and then camp? Does anyone else go with you camping? What do you do when you go camping? Does your mother have alternative energy? Does your mother have stored food? Does your mother have any guns? Does your mother saying anything about "The end of the world"? What kind of remodeling has your mother done to your home? Do you have a "safe room", like a bomb shelter in your home?

    ***EDIT***12/5/10 9:20am est - I forgot to include another question, they asked my child: IF your mother takes you to church and exactly which church do you go to? They did not ask ME that question when I was interviewed - BUT they did ask the father that question in if he knew, if I take my child to church or not. I was surprised at this question, I thought there was a separation of Church and State and did not know those type questions were allowed. - END OF EDIT***

    My child also said she told child services, her father does not live with me and there was shared custody and that included being at my house for one week and then her father's house for one week. So my child TOLD Child services the father and I did not live together! I was upset, as the woman then lied to me on the phone saying "She did not know the father didn't live here".
    They were at my house for about one hour and after they left, I called my child's father, to let him know they were on their way.

    After a few hours, my child's father called me and said "they had been at his house for 2 HOURS and the whole time, they were grilling them about ME"! He said, they asked him all kinds of things about my camping, and if HE knew where we went and what we did while camping! He also said "they said they were concerned, since I did not let them see the downstairs of my house". He said they asked him, if he knew what my blog was about and did he read it? He told them "mainly financial stuff and the diseases from last winter and if they were so worried about it, they could get on the internet and read it themselves".
    Now here are my questions about this whole ordeal.............. and the accusations of Mental abuse and Neglect.........................

    How does if I have Solar panels have anything to do with of those two accusations?

    How does Where we go Camping have anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does where we go hiking have anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does what we do when we go camping have anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does Who has ever gone camping with us, have anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does if I have any stored food, have anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does if I have an alternative heat source have anything to do with those two accusations?

    I would like to know How doing Renovations on my house has anything to do with those two accusations?

    How does what I write on my blog, have anything to do with those accusations?
    I am now of the opinion, another branch of the government, possibly sent Child Services to my home.
    I was fearful of revealing this information, in case child services could come back on me for it. But Dave Hodges explained "People NEED To know what is Happening" and "the more exposure to it, the less they can get you"!
    So...... now the question is, are others who have been public about their opinions on varied subjects, have had the government check on them? Has child services been used in other cases where they asked bizarre questions, compared to abuse questions?
    ***Note*** I have talked to Dave Hodges yet again today, he feels after talking to someone else who is an expert in regards to child services, is that I was being profiled and assessed in what kind of "threat" I may be for homeland security.
    ***UPDATE 12/5/10 - 10:50am est - I realized last night, as I continued thinking about this CPS ordeal and still trying to put the pieces together - this CPS interview happened within days of a conference call I had with a couple of Large Class Action Law Firms - regarding "the strategy" and what needed to be done to begin Class Action Foreclosure Fraud Law Suits in all States. I have no idea if this was the catalyst to the CPS allegations. What is also interesting, is we were suppose to have another conference call, the day before this happened - that call did not happen and since the firms have not gotten back to me, yet Class Actions were suppose to begin. This was not information I wanted to release, it may or may not have something to do with this. End of Update**

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