Saturday, July 10, 2010

Christians Pray to Jesus Christ? Imagine That!

I'm ashamed of my legislature. No, it's not the first time. Still...

Jesus Under Attack in NC: Pastor Fired for Refusing to Remove Jesus’ Name from State House Prayer « Frugal Café Blog Zone
    From Christian Law Journal, N.C. Pastor Fired For “Jesus” Prayer At State Capitol:

      A North Carolina pastor was fired from his position as an honorary chaplain of the state house of representatives after he closed a prayer in the name of Jesus.


      Baity said he is shocked by what is happening in America.

      “When the state tells you how to pray, that you cannot use the name of Jesus – that’s mandating a state religion,” he said. “They talk about not offending other people but at the same time, if they are telling me how to pray – that’s the very thing our forefathers left England for.”

      “You would expect this somewhere else – Cuba, Saudi Arabia,” he said. “You would never anticipate this happening in the United States of America.”

      At a Press Conference on Thursday, attorney David C Gibbs III, of Gibbs Law Firm and the Christian Law Association, (CLA), an organization that offers free legal defense and counsel to churches, said that the House’s refusal to allow Baity to continue his duties because he invoked a prayer in Jesus’ name is unconstitutional.

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