Monday, July 19, 2010

Lt. Col. Allen West is One Class Act

Blacklisting Lt Colonel Allen West And His Wife - Atlas Shrugs
    This disgusting. Blacklisting patriotically correct heroes for the politically correct. Thanks to Dagny for sending this to us in the comment section:

      Lt. Col. Allen West and his wife Angela ~ Today at 2:13pm

      Bill, Danielle, and Chip, at about 1210 pm today I received a call from Ms Chris Landshut, (954)739-5007, Executive Director of the South Florida Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. After reintroducing herself to me she was uncomfortable telling me of a situation that has arisen reference the nomination of Angela and myself as a South Florida Finest Couple.

      She informed me that she has received complaints from certain individuals who have threatened to withdraw their support to the Cystic Fibrosis gala event if Angela and I are honored. She humbly asked if I would agree to step down and allow the event to proceed and not disrupt the support to the foundation. These individuals have called and complained to the National Foundation decrying "politicizing" of the event.

      In accepting the nomination, Angela and I consented to raise $10K for the Cystic Fibrosis foundation, our opportunity to give back to our community. However, not wanting to cause the foundation to lose what I was told could be up to $200K I consented to Ms Landshut that Angela and I would step down and not participate in the event.

      Bill, you are the Chairman of this gala event and therefore I would like a formal letter of apology, not to me, but rather to my wife Dr Angela Graham-West explaining this situation. I do not care how people attack me but my wife is another matter.

      I know that this situation revolves around my congressional candidacy but this event has honored political figures before. I felt that our service to this Nation and local community warranted our nomination.

      It has come to my attention that the McCloskey and Levy families are the donors who have threatened to withdraw support due to prodding from the wife of Congressman Ron Klein. I find this reprehensible, disgusting, despicable, and petulant....but indicative of the hideous side of South Florida politics which I condemn. There is proof of this, to include an email trail, and I would appreciate your honesty when this becomes a topic of inquiry.

      I must now contact all those friends whom I had asked to assist us in raising the requisite funds and inform them of this issue. I pray you are prepared.

      I hold no angst against you as the Chairman of the event, Ms Landshut, or the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. However, I am highly upset with those who would blackmail the CF Foundation in order to play politics.

      Steadfast and Loyal, LTC(R) Allen B West

    UPDATE: Contact info: The President and CEO of the foundation is Robert J. Beall


Anonymous said...

Speaking as someone with knowledge of this situation (but not a family member, don't worry), it is absurd to suggest that those families threatened to "withdraw their support." They have supported the CF foundation for 20 years and have a member of the family with CF. WHY IN THE WORLD WOULD THEY WITHDRAW THEIR SUPPORT? To suggest so is patently false, ridiculous, and libelous. If these are the types of accusations you need to try to win this election, you don't deserve to be anywhere near Washington. Stick to your Tea Party Politics and try to win this election on your own merits- don't drag not only your opponent, Ron Klein, but innocent families through the mud.

DaveDixter said...

WE in Fort Lauderdale heard about this at 2 pm Monday on the radio. It seems that this is the new way of the Democrat to control the masses.

On the Mark said...

Balderdash! Anonymous, you can't have it both ways. You quite obviously, and by your own choice, do not speak as someone with knowledge. For, in fact, you speak anonymously. You cannot simultaneously be someone in particular and no one in particular.

Not only so, to hypocritically suggest Allen West would risk his entire campaign on a lie about having received a call from the event chairman asking him to step down as nominee or another lie about who is involved is "patently false, ridiculous, and libelous." There's too little return on investment for your laughable accusation to hold water. Apparently, you can relate, since you wouldn't even use your name for impotent comments on a harmless blog post.

Therefore, whether or not the culprits were correctly identified, someone threatened to withdraw their support. Your question is naive, if disingenuous. "Why in the world"? Politics, of course.