Friday, July 02, 2010

"State of Palestine" Quiz

H/T Brutally Honest


Tony said...

You'll find that when these questions are turned back at the Jews, YOUR lack of answers will show the true value of this little cartoon.
For instance:
Can you name one single Jewish leader, previous to 1948, who all the world's Jews followed? Has there been any leader of modern Israel who was followed and obeyed by all Jews (USA/Europe/Russia/Canada etc)? No? Then there has never been a Jewish people.
How about:
What is the currency used exclusively by Jews all over the world, and what is its value in dollars, yen, francs, pounds, etc? There isn't one? Then there has never been a Jewish people.
Carry on with your racist silliness, but see the link above to get the real answers to this insulting, sophomoric cartoon.

On the Mark said...

In spite of your childish name-calling and obvious lack of capacity for reason, I followed the link in good faith. I was quite amused. Your "answers" are not answers at all. Rather they consist of distortions of the question, lies about Israel, or simply ignore the question.

As for yours:
1. Yes, King David.

2 & 3 Of course not. That would be stupid. It would be just like asking a racist Arab if there has ever been a leader in Palestine whom all Arabs around the world followed or a currency used by Arabs all over the world. According to your failed attempt at rational thought, since the answer to those questions is "no", then there has never been a Palestinian people.

In fact, there have always been Palestinian people. That is, people have lived in the land sometimes called Palestine. There are Jews and Arabs and others before either of them, Palestinians all.

During the Ottoman Empire and European colonial rule, both Jews and Arabs in Palestine referred to themselves and each other as Palestinians. Only since the establishment of the state of Israel have racist, Antisemitic Arabs claimed the right to a state of Palestine, which had never before been known. There is a Palestinian state. It's called Israel.

And it would be grossly unfair to characterize all Arabs as racist and Antisemitic. On the contrary, a recent poll conducted for the Council on Foreign Relations of Arab residents of East Jerusalem showed that, more often than not, respondents would actually relocate to a location within Israel if Eastern Jerusalem were given over to an Arab Palestinian state.

The bottom line is the quiz very successfully drives home the fact that there has never been a State of Palestine and your so-called answers don't even attempt to be answers, but rather pretend to answer by dodging the actual questions and inserting lies about Israel.

Try not to be too embarrassed; everyone is young and ignorant once. Thanks for stopping by!

Oh, I did notice your ID leads to a malware site. That's so cute!

Tony said...

Dear Off the Mark: Thanks for your typically Zionist reply. BTW I am not a young man, sonny. Your youthful arrogance blinds you.

The reason there was a warning at my site is because the Google Search people decided my work is dangerous - so they blocked me. After a 2-month wrestling match, they removed their "warning" sign. There is no malware in my site and they know it.
You refer to my "childish name-calling" - ?!? kindly point this out in my previous post.

My answers certainly are answers - you must not have finished reading each section. And my answers prove that the questions in this stupid cartoon are obfuscation. This quiz does NOT "very successfully drive home the fact that there has never been a Palestinian State". It merely confuses people with questions designed to not be answerable, so Jews can say "There, see? That's why we're right and they're wrong!" My answers prove that in fact the Jewish position here is quite wrong and ill-thought-out.
Your "answers": 1. King David (?!?) Exactly what are you answering here? Do you think David was a leader of all the Israelites? Have you never read the Bible? Did you even finish reading my answers? Poor fellow. You shouldn't say so much until you know what you're talking about.