Saturday, July 17, 2010

Victory Dance!

I'll tell you the truth. I cried. I don't think I could visit a place representative of such vile tyranny and violent horror as Auschwitz without melting into a useless, bubbling puddle. However, Adolek Kohn survived Auschwitz and returned with his daughter, Jane Korman, and several of his grandchildren to celebrate and glory in having overcome the gravest of injustices by doing a victory dance on the grounds of Auschwitz. YouTube was forced (I suppose) to pull the video for copyright infringement. It has received some criticism from Jews who see it as disrespectful. But there can be no doubt, Adolek Kohn and his family are not celebrating genocide. Rather, quite obviously, they are celebrating its failure.

Copyright infringement be damned. Besides, this particular song ought to be public domain by now, merely by virtue of its popularity and creative use in videos the world over. See parts 2 and 3 of the series below.

    "This is really a historical moment. Because who can come? How many people would come here with their grandchildren? One percent? Not even one percent. Half a percent? I don't think even half a percent. All were killed."

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