Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Agenda was Never Health Care

There is no health care crisis in the United States. People come from all over the world for access to our health care. That may indicate a crisis for their native countries, but not for us. We have it very, very good. If "Progressives" (read: Totalitarians) had not imposed tyrannical policies that cause health care in the U.S. to be more expensive and more difficult to access than it would be in a truly free market, then our world class health care system would be even better!

The problems that we do have can be resolved simply and freely. For example: One Problem, One Bill.

But health care reform has never been the Progressive Totalitarian agenda. Kyle-Anne Shiver exposes the intense hatred held by Obama and his ilk for your God-given liberty in her article, Hidden Healthcare Reform Objective: Feds Want to Know Your Number.
    Imagine an America where your Unique Health Identifier (UHI) is required for every access to a nationally controlled healthcare system. Imagine an America, where you must give your UHI, via a scan of your surgically implanted biochip, to pick up your prescription at the pharmacy and even when you buy over the counter medications. The number could eventually be required to purchase alcohol and tobacco products, perhaps even to track quantities of bakery goods, chocolates, trans-fats, beef, and even birth control products — or anything else the nanny bureaucrats decide to monitor.
    Sound farfetched? Like a plot from a conspiracy-theory movie? Like something from a sci-fi novel?
    Think again.
    The plans to make these very things a reality right here in America are being made in this administration, under the leadership of the president’s science guru, John Holdren.
    Only a scientifically controlled populace, according to these gurus of population and health control, can survive. These scientists see their mission as one of absolute control over even the most private aspects of human life.
    Not since the aftermath of WWII — when the ends of the scientific-progressive state were revealed to the world in vivid pictures of the Nazi death camps — have progressives dared to raise their heads in America to such a degree as they are now, under the leadership of Obama’s science guru, John Holdren
    Part of HIPAA legislation was the requirement for the development of the Unique Health Identifier (UHI) for individuals.
    In 2003, privacy rules were enacted that purportedly protect the individual’s right to healthcare confidentiality. However, a provision of these privacy rules includes a powerful, blanket waiver, which can be used at the discrimination of a “Privacy Board,” acting under HHS. All privacy rules can be disregarded for research or other “necessary” purpose:

      If the covered entity receives appropriate documentation that an IRB or Privacy Board has granted a waiver or an alteration of the Authorization requirement

    In other words, American citizens will continue to have the right to privacy and confidentiality between themselves and their healthcare providers, if and only if, the Department of Health and Human Services deems that right justified. If, on the other hand, the HHS deems the open availability of an individual’s or groups of individuals’ healthcare information to be necessary to the “general welfare,” then a waiver will be granted without the citizen’s consent or even his knowledge. And this is perfectly legal.
And here is the best part...
    According to my source on the health and technology sub-committee, ultimate biological control of the population is the end goal of the federal healthcare initiative, now being force-fed by the president and the Democratic Party congressional leaders.
    Members of this sub-committee were even heard discussing how women’s menstrual periods could be state monitored. How people’s defecation might be monitored and used to detect broad health concerns through electronic toilet management systems. How sexual habits could be state-monitored by managing the sale of all birth-control technology through the use of the UHI.

    Perhaps this explains why President Obama and his Party are willing to commit political suicide for the passage of this particular healthcare overhaul. Without it, they may fail in their grand plan to “re-make” America according to their scientific-state, progressive delusions.
    It doesn’t take much more than a casual glance at the downfall of the others who’ve tried this mad-science controlled government scheme to see that it isn’t a winner. Both the Nazis and the Soviets, who built their own totalitarian regimes on Malthusian scientific themes did fall – albeit only after killing untold millions of their own citizens.
    The scientifically controlled state as a vehicle for advancing human progress? Hardly. As human beings have tragically learned, over and over again, science without morality can indeed be the most efficient killer.
    It’s not hard to believe that big government would want this kind of power over the lives of individual citizens. What is indeed difficult to believe is that this is happening in America.
    The only question now is who will stop it?

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