Monday, February 08, 2010

Palin's Genius or Serendipity

Now, I'm not as impressed with Sarah Palin as I'd like to be for a presidential contender, but I am pleased to give her credit for exposing Leftist Lunacy. Apparently, deranged Leftists were all in a tizzy because, during Palin's speech at the Tea Party convention in Nashville TN, it could be observed that she had written "notes" on her left hand. Surely this revealed that Palin is not bright enough to do without notes or, at least, to use paper. This is, of course, while their messiah cannot speak to a classroom of elementary school children without a teleprompter. But, perhaps Andrew Marcus is correct in SAYING

    On the other hand, the outrage on the left is being completely misunderstood by the right. Democrats don’t mind that she needed a few notes for her speech. They’re upset that Sarah used her hand, proving once again that she is an unsophisticated hick. Everybody knows that whether you are talking in a sixth grade classroom, or talking dirty to the First Lady, using anything other than a presidential-level teleprompter is simply pedestrian.

HOWEVER, while campaigning for Texas governor Rick Perry prior to the Tea Party event, the words "Hi Mom!" could be observed also on Palin's left palm. She clearly expected her shout out to her mother to be observed, as it was. It exposes her detractors as truly desperate and frustrated. Thank you, Sarah.

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