Monday, February 08, 2010

Hannah Giles Strikes Back!

Once again Hannah Giles, Robin to James O'Keefe's Batman, demonstrates she has superpowers of her own.

'Bob, You'd Better Just Pull Back' - Does Beckel Have a Problem with Women?

    After he called me a ho, the panel informed him I wasn’t a real hooker, only pretending to be one for the sake of the story. He defends himself by saying I was a very “convincing hooker.”


    This isn’t the first time he has been befuddled by a young woman’s actions. In the summer of 2002 Beckel came to know 20-year old “Tiffany,” a professional hooker who, after establishing a business relationship with him, attempted to extort $50,000 in exchange for her not exposing their relationship to his ex-wife and employers.
    Don’t believe it, don’t remember it, want to get the facts? Check the police report for the gory details.


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