Thursday, February 04, 2010

Remember Elian Gonzalez?

Kenneth, What Is the Frequency: How CBS and Dan Rather Set Up Elian Gonzalez

    So in effect, the man who until recently served as Obama’s Chief White House Counsel, once agreed to function as a fully deputized agent for a Stalinist regime’s KGB-trained secret police, and arranged to have Castro’s child-kidnapping smokescreened by his chums at CBS.

    And lest we forget, the Deputy Attorney General who draped the legal veneer over the above was none other than Eric Holder.


Locutisprime said...

" It was obvious that Gregory Craig and Rather where on very friendly terms. They were joshing and bantering back and forth, as Juan Miguel sat there petrified, under the constant vigilance of Castro’s security men. Craig was stage managing the whole thing—almost like a movie director. The taping would stop and he’d walk over to Dan, hand him a little slip of paper, say something into his ear. Then Rather would read straight from the paper.

“At one point Craig stopped the taping almost like a movie director yelling “Cut!” I was confused for a moment,” recalls Mr Porro, until Craig complained that Juan Miguel’s answers were not coming across from his translator with “sufficient emotion.” “So Dan Rather shut everything down for a while and some of the crew drove to a drama school in New York. They hired a dramatic actor to act as a translator, and brought him back.”

Okay roll ‘em!

I probably should have walked out, but I’d been hired by CBS in good faith and I didn’t know exactly how the interview would be edited—how it would come across on the screen. I might have known, but you never know these things play out until you actually see it."

That really says it all doesn't it.

And we thought that the American Gestopo was almost a reality under Janet Reno and Bill Clinton.

Obama and Eric Holder make them look like rank amateurs.

On the Mark said...

It's okay. Obama and Clinton are pro-abortion Democrats. So, even if they codify totalitarian tyranny, they are defenders of freedom. But that pro-life Bush wanted to wiretap conversations with known terrorists, so he is the evil one.