Monday, February 08, 2010

Angry, Bitter Pro-Abortionists

After CBS announced it would air during the Super Bowl an ostensibly 'pro-life' advertisement presented by Christian organization Focus On The Family, Abortion advocates, like the National Organization for Women (NOW) and others flew into a rage, demanding CBS pull the ad. Pro-Abortion groups lobbed inflammatory accusations of hatred, intolerance, and misogyny. There were two different ads. Both were nothing but gentle, sweet, even humorous celebrations of family. This must be very embarrassing for the harpies of NOW.

Susan Swift takes on Pro-Abortion outrage brilliantly.

Come On, NARAL, Be Proud of Your Work on Super Sunday

    The ad has evoked angry criticism primarily from anachronistic feminists (and, inexplicably, a few homosexual groups) who, I’ll wager, don’t even watch much football regularly much less tune in the Super Bowl. Nevertheless, these graying feminists have exploded in fury at Mrs. Tebow expressing joy for the life of her son – my son the college student, my son the Heisman Trophy winner. But why express such anger and venom at a mother’s pride?

    If I were to guess, the reason is that these “aborto-fanatics” (my term) cannot respond in kind. Focus on the Family shows the triumph of choosing life. How Mrs. Tebow’s choice made a “we” out of “me.” What can NOW show? What proud accomplishments can NARAL highlight? A massive body count and the millions it has paid the abortion industry.

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Isamening said...

Check this little propaganda story:

N.O.W. goes off about this ad, admitting to finding about the ad from the Women's Media Center, which is led by Jehmu Greene who admits that she never saw the ad!!!