Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Holy Sidekick, Batman!

James O'Keefe gained notoriety from exposing severe systemic corruption at ACORN, and has been rightly treated as a hero among Conservatives and others who despise corruption and child sex slavery. James and his compatriot, Hannah Giles, having posed as pimp and prostitute, were able to gain assistance from ACORN expressly for the purpose of establishing a child prostitution business and avoiding taxation. As a result of O'Keefe's reports, ACORN has been partially defunded by Congress, who should be embarrassed for having ever funded ACORN in the first place.

Last week, O'Keefe was arrested while conducting a journalistic investigation at the Louisiana offices of Senator Mary Landrieu. HERE is a report from Andrew Breitbart on the arrest of James O'Keefe and false claims made by the Leftist mainstream media about the incident. And the statement from the Caped Crusader himself: Statement from James O'Keefe

I confess, based on the videos and interviews I've seen, I thought for sure that O'Keefe had no more than a cute twist for a sidekick in Hannah Giles. I was wrong. She writes well enough and displays truly admirable gumption and conviction in the article below:

Once Again, James O'Keefe Strips Away the MSM's Mask of Neutrality, Revealing the Bias Below

    Andrew Breitbart has made the new media trendy, and after the ACORN videos everyone and their conservative dog was on the new-media campaign bandwagon. “Yay, yay we are back to save the day. Glory and victory all the way!” But then, the second things got a little spicy, POOF, they’re gone.
    For instance, Michelle Malkin, a once avid supporter/defender of James and all his work, called for an example to be made out of him, and instructing other young journalists to not follow in his footsteps. Again, this was before she knew his side of the story.
    The bottom line is, conservative elites are afraid of the MSM. They are constantly two-steppin’ to stay in their good graces while secretly cursing them beneath their breath. It is no wonder they’ve had their rear ends handed to them so badly in past elections. I’m telling you, if conservatives don’t put on their game faces and strap on their big-boy boots, our nation’s demise is imminent.

O'Keefe appeared as a guest on "Hannity" last night. He claimed that some questions he was not allowed to answer because an investigation was still underway. But, he did say that he wanted the video he took, which is currently in the possession of law enforcement, to be released because it will disprove claims made by the Leftist media. He also, it seemed to me, tried not to admit that he would be initiating litigation of some sort. Such legal action might occur as a result of the circumstances of his arrest. It has been reported that he was under arrest for 28 hours before he was allowed counsel. Sean Hannity asked O'Keefe directly whether he would take any action against media for slanderously false reporting of the incident. O'Keefe did not commit.

My prediciton is that not only will O'Keefe be exonerated, but his investigation will be vindicated, and false arrest charges will be brought, all resulting in the end of Landrieu's career and the careers of some law enforcement personnel in Louisiana.

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